Precious Oils

Precious Oils

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A refined mixture of pure natural oils. Vitamin enriched skin tonic to replenish and strengthen your skin. Known as ‘Liquid Gold’, Precious Oils is natures own skin treatment for the face and body.
  • Suitable For : Normal to dry, Dry and sensitive skin types
  • Vitamin A works to protect against free radical damage and improve skin texture, firmness and smoothness
  • Encourages cell regeneration, leaving skin soft, plump and nourished
  • Revitalises, heals and strengthens the skin
  • Nourishes a dry, dehydrated skin
  • Gentle formula can be used around the delicate eye area
  • Calms and soothes, reducing redness and irritation
  • Great for stretch marks


Apricot Kernel Oil Rich in Vitamin E and nourishing
Avocado Oil Nourishing and moisturising
Jojoba Oil Hydrating and conditioning
Vitamin A Antioxidant, exfoliating and refining
Vitamin E Antioxidant, nourishing and healing
Wheat Germ Oil Rich in Vitamin E, nourishing and healing
Almond Oil Emollient, helps protect the skin’s barrier function



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