Our waxing treatments are performed using the latest techniques under strict hygienic standards. We don’t reuse wax or sticks. We use the highest quality waxing products to make your experience as comfortable as possible. For all sensitive areas we use a combination or different hot waxes to ensure the best and most gentle approach. For larger areas such as legs we use strip wax.

We recommended waxing every 3-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth. Hair needs to be at least half a centimetre for effective removal. If you have shaved, you will need to wait about 2 weeks before you can be waxed.

Women’s Waxing

Lip   |   $15

Chin   |   $15

Sides of Face   |   $15

Underarm   |   $20

Bikini Line   |   $30

Extended bikini   |   $30

G-String   |   $45

Brazilian   |   $60

½ Leg   |   $30

¾ Leg   |   $40

Full Leg   |   $45

Arms   |   $30 

Men’s Waxing

Back/ Chest   |   $40

Neck   |    $15

Full Leg   |   $55


•  Advise us if you are on medications that may cause your skin to be sensitive i.e. roactutanne and antibiotics.
•  We recommended exfoliating your skin the day before your wax to remove any dead skin cells and ingrown hairs for a smoother, more effective result.
•  Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours prior to your treatment.
•  Avoid any exercise that induces perspiration and heat to the skin 2-6 hours prior to waxing.
•  Do not apply moisturisers or fragrance the day you are being waxed.


  • Keep area cool and use aloe vera if irritated
  • Avoid hot showers, keep lukewarm for the 1st day after waxing
    •  No swimming, saunas or spas 2-6 hours after waxing.
    •  Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours after your treatment.
    •  Avoid any exercise that induces excessive perspiration and heat to the skin for 2-6 hours after waxing.
  • Avoid fake tanning for 24 hrs